Gallery 4: Artworks

In this gallery you shall discover wonderful artistic creations by a range of artists from across four European countries – Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany and France – and there is the opportunity to listen to our inspiring EU 1979 Panel Discussion with politicians, artists and activists.

Artistic Statement

EU 1979: A People’s Parliament is a European wide project that remembers the first 1979 European parliamentary elections through a celebration of the stories and names of the 67 powerful women MEP’s elected at that time. As part of this unique project we have created an interdisciplinary virtual Art Exhibition celebrating the stories of the 67 powerful women MEP’s elected in 1979. This curated exhibition features work by artists from Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany and France.

The virtual art exhibition offers a curated offering of dynamic and diverse artworks, comprising a range of creations that are thought-provoking, inspirational and insightful. The artworks range from photography to fashion design to poetry and are accompanied by perspectives and information from the artists themselves. We offer a diverse programme of curated exhibitions that are dynamic, varied and insightful and offer thought-provoking artistic content in contemporary and interdisciplinary art practice.

About the Artists

Twelve artists have contributed to the EU 1979: A People’s Parliament virtual art exhibition.

One artist is from Northern Ireland and three artists are based in the Republic of Ireland including Hina Khan who is originally from Pakistan. Noelle McAlinden is based in Northern Ireland and works on a cross-border basis, displaying her artwork in Northern Ireland, Ireland and internationally. Noelle is a Visual Artist, Creative Advisor,  Mental Health Campaigner, Curator, Cultural Broker and an ambassador for positive mental and emotional well-being with a dedication to the prevention of suicide. Hina Khan is a visual artist, originally from Pakistan and now based in Cork, Ireland and Mary Moynihan is a writer, theatre and film-maker, and Artistic Director, Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Equality. Mary is based in Dublin, Ireland. Our final artist from Ireland is the award-winning poet and writer Féilim James who is based in Dublin.

The artists from the Netherlands are Luis Bracamontes, an award-winning queer, feminist, Spoken Word Poet, originally from Mexico and now living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Nazrina Rodjan, an illustrator and animator from Hidden Lion Studio, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands; and Jobert Tremus, a fashion designer, from the Netherlands.

The artists from Germany are Farnaz Nasiriamini, a freelance journalist and author interested in telling stories to inspire reflection and action and Marianna Tuokkola, a photographer. The artists from France are Gilles Lange and Snježana Šimić who are both photographers and Michel Dizel, a teacher and writer.

Artworks inspired by EU 1979: A People’s Parliament

Click on the artworks below to view more and learn about each artist.

by Hina Khan

Michel Dizel writer & teacher

by Michel Dizel

Cover - Meadow Woman by Mary Moynihan

by Mary Moynihan

by Farnaz Nasiriamini

by Nazrina Rodjan

by Noelle McAlinden

by Snježana Šimić

by Gilles Lange

Communicating Vessels by Michel Dizel

by Féilim James

by Marianna Tuokkola

by Jobert Tremus

by Luis Bracamontes

A People’s Parliament Panel Discussion

Enjoy a unique panel discussion featuring interviews with politicians, artists and activists. The panel discussion members are Senator Alice Mary Higgins, Independent Senator on the National University of Ireland Panel, Leader of the Civil Engagement Group in Seanad EireannDr Stephen Herron, Researcher, Academic, Cultural Anthropologist and Community Relations Facilitator with Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and EqualityHina Khan, Visual Artist   and. Dr Sinead McCoole, Historian, Commemorations Unit, Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and Curator of The Pop Up Women’s Museum, Celebrating 100 years of women in politics and public life.